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The power to be economical

The Multitex MT Classe represents a new wave of dry-cleaning technology at a cost that was unthinkable just a few years ago. Designed specifically for hydrocarbon and silicon solvents, the MT Classe offers dramatic advantages over more traditional processing methods.

The MT Classe is the culmination of years of research into safer and more effektive ways of handling even the most delicate of fabrics without compromising the ability to clean heavily soiled garments and leathers.

The MT Classe is the epitome of „sophistication made simple“ and provides a tool that meets the meeds of both specialist cleaners and the general operator looking for ease and simplicity of operation.
Designed and tested in Germany the MT Classe represents an excellent combination of performance and reliability.

Washing and drying under vacuum

Processing under a partial vacuum has the effect of reducing the surface tension of the solvent which greatly aids the solvent's penetration of the fibres. The high dip ensures good mechanical action and maximum cleaning power.

The lower drying temperatures required under vacuum mean that the hot-air temperature is never more than 70 ºC with an air-off temperature of around 40ºC. This is both kind to clothes and reduces your energy bill. The results have to be seen to be believed!

The entire wash cage, drive mechanism, recovery head and base tank of the MT Classe is mounted on four heavy-duty suspension springs. This, coupled with the low centre of gravity, reduces vibration and the dynamic leading on the floor so that no special fittings are required to hold the machine down.

The MT Classe machines are by far the fastest machines on the market today. They are spinning with 200 - 400 G.

Efficient filtration

Solvent is pumped over the filter all the time. The machine is running to continually condition the solvent and maintain its cleansing power.

The unique properties of hydrocarbon fluid and the highly efficient filtration system means that water, fatty acids and loose dyestuffs are completely absorbed into the filtering medium. This makes the optional distillation unit totally unnecessary for all but the most unusual circumstances.

Solvent Protection

Protect the solvent in your dry cleaning machine from bacteria and contamination The new ionization unit is available as additional equipment for new dry cleaning machines and can be refitted to used machines, too.

Refitting of used machines on request.



Without Solvent Protection

With Solvent Protection

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Filter Plate

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The Multitex FRESH UP cabinet based on ionization and UV technology is perfect to deodoriz and disinfect textiles, fur and leather. For example: Smell of perfume, mildew, smoke and burning.

Overview of Products

Specification MT 200 MT 300 MT 400 MT600
Capacity 3,25lbs/cu.ft 25 # 35 # 50 # 70 #
Basket Volume 7,1 cu.ft 10,8 cu.ft 15,7 cu.ft 21,2 cu.ft
Basket Diameter 37,4 in. 37,4 in. 37,4 in. 47,25 in.
Basket Depth 11,2 in. 18,9 in. 24,8 in. 20,9 in.
Tank Capacity 47 US gal. 62 US gal. 66 US gal. 87 US gal.
Filter 9,2 US gal. 14,5 US gal. 18,5 US gal. 22,5 US gal.
G Force 200 – 400 200 – 400 200 – 400 200 – 400
  Width 46,0 in. 47,2 in. 49,6 in. 64,6 in.
  Depth 47,2 in. 59,0 in. 66,9 in. 59,0 in.
  Heigth 76,8 in. 79,9 in. 79,9 in. 87,0 in.
Transport Dimension        
  Width 46,0 in. 47,2 in. 49,6 in. 64,6 in.
  Depth 37,4 in. 45,2 in. 59,0 in. 58,2 in.
  Height 74,8 in. 79,9 in. 79,9 in. 86,6 in.
Max. Power 3,35 kw 4,85 kw 5,2 kw 10,20 kw
Shipping Weight without solvent 2090 lbs 2640 lbs 3960 lbs 4620 lbs